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Participating librarians and scholars provide information here about collections, archives and data sets of interest to area and international studies (AIS) research, propose preservation of those collections and the creation of new digital resources from data sets, and vote on the merits of those proposals. Community input provided here informs and guides the building of new AIS resources.

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Las Voces de las Abuelas

“The voices of the grandmothers” is a project that aims to (1) restore, (2) create metadata, (3) preserve and (4) open the access to a collection of audio interviews made to mothers of disappeared, at the same time grandmothers of appropriated children during the last military dictatorship in Argentina. The content of this collection is 144 interviews made between 1998 and 2006 to 126 mothers/grandmothers that live in different parts of the country. They were taken by the oral history archive of Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo, the Family Biographical Archive, in order to deliver them to their grandchildren once they were found and restored. In their interviews, each one of these women reconstruct the life story of their disappeared children, the story of their family -before and...

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Nov 30, 2020 9:36am

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