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Building New Resources for Area and International Studies

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About globalCollections

globalCollections is an application developed by the Center for Research Libraries to support the pooling of community expertise to guide the preservation of collections and archives and the creation of new digital resources for area and international studies under the auspices of CRL. The application enables librarians and scholars to identify and describe important materials and data sets, and to evaluate and prioritize them for reformatting and web dissemination. 

Using globalCollections

Your Lists

The your lists section is your space to track proposals of direct interest to you. Individual proposals or sets of proposals you have selected to watch are listed in this space for easy access. Any updates that are relevant to these proposals can also be delivered to you directly via email. Access to all of the features in your lists is limited to logged-in users.

Login and Member Access

globalCollections provides different levels of access to information:

  • Open access to descriptions and general information that is part of each proposal.
  • Access restricted to CRL member and partner institutions to full proposal details and opportunities for community input.

Your CRL login enables access to the restricted features, such as:

  • Proposal processing requirements and cost information.
  • Interactive features that allow you to vote and comment on the proposals listed.
  • The "Your Lists" space and related tools allowing you to track personalized lists of proposals from the site.
  • Some program committee members also receive access to specialized balloting and decision-making tools.

You may already have a CRL login, if you have registered for CRL webinars, participated in Purchase Proposal voting, or served on a CRL project or committee.

Don’t have a CRL Login account yet?  If your affiliated institution is a CRL member or program partner you may access the signup form from any on-campus IP address.