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Participating librarians and scholars provide information here about collections, archives and data sets of interest to area and international studies (AIS) research, propose preservation of those collections and the creation of new digital resources from data sets, and vote on the merits of those proposals. Community input provided here informs and guides the building of new AIS resources.

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Ḍifāf : siyāsīyah fikrīyah thaqāfīyah tuʻná bi-tarjamat al-maʻrifah al-muʻāṣirah tuṣdar ʻan Dār al-Baʻth bi-al-taʻāwun maʻa Wizārat al-Taʻlīm al-ʻĀlī.

A cultural-political journal published by the Syrian Ba‘th Party. It was published since 2010 (if not earlier) and during the Syrian civil war

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Dec 18, 2020 10:49am

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